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Reference projects

We supply piles all over Scandinavia. Below you find a selection of projects we have been involved in.

Hisingsbron Skanska

SSdr-323 Hisingsbron

During the beginning of 2018 Scandia Steel delivered about 25.000 meters of SSdr-323 to Skanska for piling of Hisingsbron. Read more about the project […]

Peab solna SS-påle

SS-piles to PEABs new office in Solna

Peab used SS-114,3×8 and SS-219,1×12,5 when piling their new office in Solna. The pile is CE-marked which includes certification of sleeve, top-plate and rock […]

Nynäshamn SSdr-406mm Veidekke-1

SSdr-406 in Nynäshamn

Drilled pile in dimension 406,4×12,5 mm with threaded connection. Veidekke is our first customer to use the SSdr-406 pile when piling in the the […]

Grums SSdr

Grums – Hercules

During 2017 we delivered 25.000 meter of SSdr323,9×12,5 to Hercules in Grums.

scandia_steel peab overblick

PEAB project in Enköping Sweden

During the autumn of 2011 Scandia Steel has delivered over 3300 meters of micro piles to PEAB Grundläggning’s project in Enköping in Sweden. The […]

Slagna stålrörspålar, Trosa, Scandia Steel

Micropiles, Trosa Sweden

Totally 1.500 meters of steel pipes in diameter 88,9 x 6,3 mm delivered to Pålplintar to their project in Trosa, Sweden. Steel quality in […]

Helleren Bergen, Scandia Steel

Helleren Bergen, Norway

One of our biggest project of Steel core piles was to Helleren in Bergen, on the Norwegian west coast. During February to June 2010 […]

Bridge over ulvsundasjön, Scandia steel

Ulvsunda bridge project

Steel core piles delivered to Veidekke during spring and summer 2010. The Steel piles are set to a depth of 36 meters.

NL ovan norra lanken

NL 51, Norra Länken Stockholm

About 700 tons of Steel core piles in diameter 120 mm and 150 mm was delivered to NCC/Hercules during April – November 2009. The […]